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mikstalMIK-STAL LLC, Limited Partnership was established in 1991 under the name M&M. Originally, the warehouse was located in Częstochowa. In 2004, Mik-Stal moved its headquarters to Łojek in the municipality of Blachownia. For over 25 years of existence on the market, the company has developed its own tactics based on the principle of partnership. This approach pays off to this day and thanks to this MIK-STAL has a large base of partners with whom it has been cooperating for many years.

We specialize in wholesale and retail sale of metallurgical products and prefabrication of hot-rolled sheets. We offer a wide range of carbon steel (structural, boiler, wear-resistant), which consists of Polish steel products and products imported from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, made in accordance with EN, DIN, ASTM.

The main objective of the company is the efficient implementation of comprehensive services, taking into account the individual needs of the customer. We have our own transport, which enables efficient delivery to the customer.

Our dynamic development has been appreciated and rewarded with the acceptance of Mik-Stal Więckowscy Company to the elite GAZEL BUSINESS CLUB.

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Mik-Stal's offer:


Plasma burning of hot-rolled sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum components.

We have numerically controlled one of the most modern plasma burning equipment, which guarantees high precision of production of elements of the quality similar to laser cutting. Thanks to the 3D head with the RACT system (rotary angle 580o and angle of inclination up to 45o) we are able to prepare beveled edges such as welding phases directly during the cutting process. In addition, the device is equipped with gas burners and a plasma marking system.

Technical parameters:
CNC control
workbench: 3000 x 16000 [mm]
plasma cutting in the thickness range from 1 to 50 [mm]
we import drawings in files: DXF , DWG.
maximum element weight: 12000 [kg].
cięcie plazmowe
cięcie plazmowe


Gas-fired burning of hot-rolled, stainless steel elements.

MIK-STAL After a number of investments with EU funds, introduced a new product/service:
we increased the thickness of oxygen cutting of sheet metal from 200mm to 300mm
workbench: 3000 x 15000 [mm]
CNC control
We import drawings in files: DXF , DWG
Maximum element weight: 12500 [kg].
Oxygen burner - is a solution designed for cutting structural steels of low carbon and low alloy steels. It can cope efficiently with a wide range of thicknesses of cut materials. The burner is equipped with a height sensor, automatic ignition system and manual angle adjustment.
cięcie gazowe
cięcie gazowe


We offer hot-rolled sheets manufactured using the quarto method exclusively by European manufacturers. We supply sheets of standard and strict dimensions (also protected against corrosion) - designed for specific projects according to individual customer requirements.

Dimensional program: Thickness : 5 - 300 mm, Width : 750 - 3000 mm, Length : 1000 - 16000 mm

Dimensions and tolerances according to PN-H-92200, EN 10029, DIN 1543, ASTM A6, ASTM A20. In our assortment you will find tank and boiler sheets made of fine-grained and alloyed steel that meet the requirements of the standards:
- EN 10207, EN 10028-2, EN 10028-3, DIN 17155, PN-H-84024
- EN 10113-2, EN 10113-3, EN 10028-5, DIN 17102, ASTM A20, PN-H-84018

- ship category 235, 315 and 355 with acceptance by ABS, BV, DNV, DNV, GL, LRS, PRS classification societies and cryogenic NV2-4 with acceptance by DNV.
- made of corrosion-resistant steels meeting the requirements of EN 10155, ASRM A709 and PN-H-84017.
- for large diameter pipelines meeting the requirements of EN 10280 and API 5L regulations
- tempered construction 18G2AVspec and 14HNMBCu E690T, special Bw11, 35GS and company grades HCT 280, HCP 620 and HCPS 890
- abrasion-resistant in company grades HARTPLAST380 and HARTPLAST480
- constructional standards meeting the requirements of PN-H-84018, EN 10113-2, EN 10113-3 DIN 17100, DIN 17102, PN-H-84020, EN 10025


Our permanent offer includes seamless steel pipes as well as seamless steel pipes:

- pipes for shipbuilding
- threaded pipes
- boiler pipes according to European standards
- line and boiler pipes according to ASTM / ASME
- line, structural and general-purpose pipes
- liner pipes, line pipes
- boiler pipes
- pipes for the construction of pipelines for the transport of oil and natural gas according to API 5L.


Drill parameters:

Thickness range: 1 - 70 [mm]
Diameter: 2 - 40 [mm]

Drilling parameters with a trepan cutter:

Thickness range: 1 - 50 [mm]
Diameter: 14 - 40 [mm]
wiercenie otworów
wiercenie otworów


Technical parameters:
- work table: 3000x21000 [mm]
- oxygen cutting in the thickness range from 20 to 300 [mm]
- maximum weight of the element: 12 500 [kg]
- beveling at an angle of 30° - phase width : 0 - 20 [mm]
- beveling at an angle of 45° - phase width : 0 - 20 [mm]

Technical parameters:
- 3D head
- Swing angle min. : 1°
- pivot angle max. 45°
- feed rate: 10 m / min.
- material thickness: 40 [mm] at 45°.

Technical parameters:
- beveling at an angle of 30° -> phase width: 0 - 6 [mm]
- beveling at an angle of 45° -> phase width: 0 - 6 [mm]
- edge refraction with radius R 2,5 [mm]
Regional Operational Programme of the Silesian Voivodship - a real response to real needs. Project name: Purchase of specialized machinery and software in order to introduce improved products to the market and improve the management quality of MIK-STAL Więckowscy S.J.

Project value: 853 005, 00 PLN, Grant value: 346 750, 00 PLN

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesian Voivodship for 2007-2013.